This portable Camp Champ kitchen could change camping forever

Turn your overlander excursion into a road-trip fine dining experience with Camp Champ, the Explorer’s Kitchen.  With Glamping established as the perfect staycation.  Pack a Camp Champ in the back of your 4X4 and you have the freedom to tour our stunning landscape, dine in view of the finest vistas and sleep in comfort under the stars.  And the best thing?  You can take a trip anytime, as you’ll have the perfect CampChampDefender_1200x675 companion for your culinary escapades.
Forget shopping for individual items and just get this little contraption, which stuffs an entire functional kitchen inside a single wooden container. Unlike most similar products in the market, this isn’t just a camping box with multiple compartments that you can fill up with your own kitchen gear. Instead, it’s a full-service one-stop-shop, with every single tool already packed in, so you only need to pick up one item to get ready to do some cooking in the wild. P8020342_SGR_01_1200x900

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