Adventure Northside 2015

Last October saw the launch of a brand new event, the likes of which had never before been seen in Central Europe. Entitled Adventure Northside, it featured two pastimes that although at first glance may seem at opposite ends of the spectrum, have a lot more in common than people realise – overland travel (e.g. adventure motorcycles, 4×4 campervans and expedition trucks) and bushcraft (survival in the wilderness). A proven formula for exhibitions in the United Kingdom, there was no reason it wouldn’t work elsewhere.
The venue, for most of the year a kid’s activity camp, was located in a small village called Vethem, near Walsrode, northwest Germany – without looking at a map, it’s best described as “sitting in the middle of the Hamburg-Hanover-Bremen triangle”.

But what would the good folk of Germany think about such an event? The answer was an emphatic thumbs up, they loved it! Okay, it wasn’t the largest of gatherings, but even mighty oaks all start off the size of an acorn … well, they would wouldn’t they! With an estimated 70+ traders from Germany, Netherlands and even over from England (Source: Explorer magazine) together with some 5,000 visitors, it was certainly worth the travel time. Talking of which, with campers also in attendance from as far afield as Italy in the south and Scotland in the north, the event also had a truly international feel.

So successful was this inaugural exhibition, the organiser’s Europe Events have launched a second sister show scheduled for 24 – 26 June 2016, this time in the south of Germany close to the Swiss border. Titled Adventure Southside (now there’s a surprise!!) it too will feature overland travel and bushcraft, plus the added excitement of quads and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) such as all-wheel-drive buggies.

Yes, the show scene in 2016 will definitely be interesting!

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Tom McGuigan